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About Us

The three H’s who started it all.

With a tradition for fine craftsmanship, Three H was founded in 1973 by Heinz Dittmann, Helmer Pedersen, and Helmut Moeltner.

Dittmann, a German emigrant and expert in furniture trades, brought his vision to life in Northern Ontario. Originally specializing in European-style residential furniture, Three H transitioned to the office furniture market in the late 1980s. Inspired by the North, we have offices in both Toronto and beautiful New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada.

Today, Three H has sales agencies and dealers across North America and employs over 125 staff, most of them at the New Liskeard factory.

The people behind the craft.

Our people love making quality furniture, and they bring that love to everything they do. From the designers to the builders, every step of the way is paved with an eye for detail and care. That same passion shines through in our service and customer experience.

Designed with intent.

Our design philosophy goes beyond creating objects. It’s about connecting people and empowering individuals to be their best and most authentic selves.

This philosophy forms the foundation that connects people with each other, their environment, and our products.

Inspired by the North, we ‘design with intent’ to create an ecosystem where everything is linked to everything else. The results encourage collaboration while allowing everyone to make it their own —to find their sense of place.

Rooted in the North.

From Devil’s Rock to our clay-bottom lake, the natural beauty surrounding us is endless. We love the northern wilderness and are proud to bring this passion to our work. When not in the office, you’ll find us exploring the great outdoors, seeking inspiration for our next design.